Dali-eggs Barcelona

Barcelona | Jewel on the Mediterranean

This elegant city on the Mediterranean is known for its artistic style, along with its sumptuous food, sophistication and relaxed way of life.

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2004_0828Croatia0068 Croatia

Croatia| Unspoiled Nature

You may have heard of people visiting Croatia and wondered to yourself, why? What makes this country, once part of Yugoslavia, such an attraction? The reason is the natural beauty that surrounds it

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movement-electronic-music-festival Detroit

A Little Closer to Home | The Renaissance of Detroit

Of course, nothing matches international travel for the breadth of cultural and culinary offerings. But adventure is also a state of mind, which allows for wonderful trips to happen anywhere, including the Midwest.

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DSC_0221 Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos | Paradise for Nature Lovers

There is no place on earth like the Galapagos islands. It is a safe bet that you will fall in love with these volcanic islands and their inhabitants.

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Chichimarket Guatemala

Guatemala | The Heart of Mayan Civilization

Considered the most sophisticated pre-Columbian civilization, the Mayans are known for their innovations in architecture, art and time calculation.

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DSC_0094 South of France

South of France | Bask in the Beauty

If you are looking for sun and relaxation, but also culture and a taste of Europe, consider the South of France for your next vacation.

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DSCF0198 Turkey

Turkey |Bridge From West to East

Unfortunately, in early March 2016 terrorist activity prompted the State Department to issue a travel warning to Turkey. That is unfortunate for intrepid travelers because Turkey remains one of the most interesting, enriching and enjoyable places to visit in the world.

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GET-Going_(062014)--3-8 Vietnam & Cambodia

Cambodia and Vietnam | Where Colonial Meets Contemporary

Cambodia and Vietnam have rich histories – in recent times ones of hardship and struggle. A visit to these countries in Southeast Asia offers an opportunity to learn about their pasts, along with their amazing landscapes and beautiful people.

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